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Download InstaPro. In this article, I will detail how to use Instagram mode with many features. To download one of the stable or cloned versions of this app, click the Download button located near the bottom right corner of your screen.

InstaPro is a 3D modification for the app known as Instagram. It bears many similarities to other instagram mods such as InstaAero and Instantaer, but it has its own unique touches on a design that set it apart from those two popular programs. To start off with, let’s look at what InstaPro can offer you, and see if it’s worth your time to download or not.

What is InstaPro Apk

Are you looking for the newest version of InstaPro? Insta Pro is an app that was built from scratch but has all the same features as the regular Instagram app. Currently available for Android devices and if you search Insta pro apk on google, it will show up at number 2 out of 10 million results because so many people are searching for this modded application.Checkout droidcam for amazing cam selection.

There are many unofficial Instagram applications out there, but there is one that stands out – Instapro. It is unlike any other modified application because it allows you to download Instagram videos and photos while also providing safety and security features so users can protect themselves from being hacked. It also has several remarkable features including its ease of use, installing without having to root or jailbreak your phone, as well as its innovative design which changes the way people interact with social media through this app!

What’s new in v9.60

  • [Fixed] Reel Download Button
  • [Fixed] 60 sec Story
  • [Fixed] Instagram
  • [Remove] Font Style Due To Some Crashes
  • [Base Update]
  • [Improve] codes Improve
  • [Misc] Many More.
  • [Fixed] Many Random Crash


  • Privcay – Every app has its own take on privacy. This version of the app has some valuable privacy features (mark messages as read when they are opened, hide stories you’re not interested in reading, hide typing status).
  • Download Stories & Media – Downloading content from our feed is an important feature. You can save articles, images and videos by pressing the download button or using other options available to you.
  • Save IGTV Videos – You can save individual Instagram TV videos to your Android device storage.
  • Ad-free – With Insta Pro, you won’t see any ads in the feeds or stories.
  • Photos in max quality – With this tool, you will be able to share full-resolution images.
  • Translate – Supports Google, Yahoo!, and Yandex translation engines. One can translate comments and posts to English, Russian, Ukrainian, or Turkish languages.
  • In-app browser – You have a choice of opening up another browser tab to go to any link.
  • Shopping items in search – You can turn off advertising items.
  • Unfollowing tracker – Many people know who has stopped following them on Instagram. So, this option can make sense if you want to find out who unfollowed you. You could even see the list of those that are no longer following you using InstaPro.
  • App lock – You don’t need another app or tool now because you can secure your Instagram account with just one password.
  • Follows You – Ability to show (FOLLOWS YOU) Tags. You can easily tell who follows you.

some shortcuts features

  • Enable/Disable Double-Tap to Like
  • Double-tap to download media.
  • When you tap the screen, zoom in.
  • Disable swiping to open the camera or accessing my direct messages.
  • Download my story with music

mini features

  • Copy of comments.
  • Copy user bio.
  • Check whether or not the person has followed you by checking their profile.
  • Comment links can be opened directly.
  • Add music to stories
  • Add music stickers to Stories (may not be available in your country).


Insta Pro Latest Version


FAQs about Instagram Pro Apk

What is Insta pro?

InstaPro is the trendy modded version of Insta. It includes features such as downloading videos and pictures, customize color schemes, and adding customized colors- all of which make using it a much more pleasurable experience for you. Unofficial though this might seem to be, there’s no need to worry about anything when using its services because everything will stay safe on your Instagram account.

Is Insta GB available?

Yes, you can download the latest Gb insta version from the given link. However, in case of any issues with it then you may download the Instagram Pro apk available here. The Gb version is an older yet popular mod of Instagram which has been around for about five years now and still functions without getting suspended on accounts.


Instapro Apk is a perfect replica of the popular Instagram App, made just for people who want the best of what life has to offer without spending much time and energy seeking it out. In this article I will give you detailed explanations of what each feature does and alternatives for them so that you can customize your experience accordingly. If ever faced with any problems at all (either during installation or usage) don’t hesitate to leave feedback here in the comment section.

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